Mission Bread&Good

Create innovative technologies
that will work for the manufacturer.
Technology development
Help for partners
Comprehensive rheological analysis allows our engineers to most accurately adjust the flour parameters.
Free examination
To solve the technological problems of partners that they face in modern conditions.

How does Bread&Good help the manufacturer?

Development of enzyme complexes (EC) to solve the most pressing problems of manufacturers, based on a comprehensive rheological analysis of flour.
Lack of product volume

Lack of color

Crumb crumbness

Unstable flour quality (enzyme
activity and gluten quality)

Low organoleptic characteristics of finished products
Bread maker problems
Freshness EC

Premium volume EC

Favorite EC

Rye premium EC

Top 5 Bread&Good solutions

Healthy nutrition with Clean Label

A balanced diet requires dietary fiber, vitamins, trace elements, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, etc. Bread & Good offers a wide range of Clean Label cereal mixtures.

Our cereal mixes allow you to:

Add variety
Diversify the taste and aroma of products
Give benefit
Introduce healthy varieties of fortified and medicinal breads, which are in high demand among consumers today
Expand assortment

Provide an opportunity for manufacturers to increase the range of manufactured products
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